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Your experiential programming could be exposed to risks that haven't even occurred to you.  Ann provides program risk assessment, document review, policy review and development, and staff and administrator risk management training. 

Ann's primary focus is with schools, camps, and youth development programs in the USA and internationally.  Please contact Ann for consultation in other related areas.

Do you know what you don't know?

​​Beyond the Schoolyard Gate: Guiding Principles for Managing Risk Off the Camp/School Property, Wilderness Risk Managers Conference, October 2019, Albuquerque, NM, 

Immigration and Children: Dispelling Myths and Addressing Assumptions, with Rebecca Kitson, Esq., New Mexico Children's Law Institute, January 2019.

Risk Management for International Programs: Do You Know What You Don't Know? Independent School Association of the Southwest Annual Business Officers Meeting, October 19, 2018, Albuquerque, New Mexico.

Protecting the Rights of Transgender Students in Public Schools, with Sarah Steadman, Esq. and Maryam Ahranjani. Esq., New Mexico Children's Law Institute, January 2018.

Screening for Mental Health: Medical Legal Considerations, with Laura McGladrey, Wilderness Risk Management Conference, November, 2017, Portland, Maine.

Ann provides thorough, strategic, and professional representation when addressing your legal challenges. Practice areas include criminal defense, personal injury, and recreation law.  



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Please contact Ann to discuss engagement as a consulting and/or testimonial expert witness for cases involving school and summer camp experiential programs including international travel and wilderness/backcountry 


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risk manAgement and LEGAL CONSULTING

Firms and solo practitioners sometimes need help working through the requirements of their daunting caseload. Ann provides professional, timely, and effective written legal documents to support your

motions practice and other pre-trial phases of litigation, including reviewing and analyzing pleadings, papers, and discovery and thorough research of applicable law.  Ann is also available to work with you and assist through trial. 

Ann is also adept at reviewing, revising, and/or drafting school and camp administrative and risk management policies.

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